Why is Walking Such a Great Exercise?

So, you couch potatoes out there!  You know who you are!  Its time to put down the remote, shut down the computer, stop making excuses!  Put on some shoes, any shoes, and hit the road! 

Experts say that adding just 30 minutes of walking a day can:

  1. Lower cholesterol!
  2. Help you lose weight...the average adult burns 100 calories per mile when walking briskly!
  3. Lessen the risk of diabetes, regular brisk walking, even in families with a history of the disease, improves insulin sensitivity.
  4. Decreases intensity of depression!
  5. Increases your sex drive!
  6. Increases longevity, by decreasing the risk of heart disease, cancer, and strokes!
  7. Decreases memory loss that comes with aging!
  8. Increases your energy!
  9. Gets you outdoors!
  10. Decreases stress!

So, why aren't you walking?  Add to your daily routine and walk an extra 10 minutes today.   Park your car in the back of the parking lot and get an extra 5 minutes of walking.  when you go to the mall, park at the farthest wing from your destination.  At  lunchtime, walk to your favorite restaurant.  Add a five minute walk around your neighborhood after dinner, it helps with digestion.  Come on!  You can do it!  The first time is the hardest!