Who is Mo Langley?

With more than 15 years as a Professional Personal Trainer, Mo Langley offers clients the understanding that in order to achieve life goals, individuals need to be healthy in their bodies and minds. It is her belief that exercise is key to maintaining balance for good mental and physical health.

Her specialties comprise:

  • General Fitness
  • Senior Fitness Specialist, NASM, 2015
  • Wellness Coach
  • Upper and Lower Extremity Movement Screening
  • Post Rehabilitation
  • Sport-Specific Programming
  • Back & Neck Injury
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • TRX suspension training
  • Surf Therapy

Certified Personal Trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine since 1999

Behavior Change Specialist, NASM, 2015

Mo has been working as a Personal Trainer since 1999, following her own journey as an athlete—both physically and mentally. She has competed in outrigger canoeing, soccer and triathlons.

In 2006, she completed Ironman New Zealand, and shortly thereafter, required knee surgery. Mo was then involved in a hit and run on her road bike—which led her to gaining the skills and knowledge to find best strategies to maintain mental and physical wellness. As a result, she is able to teach clients healthy living techniques and stress control, healthy eating and moderation in all aspects of life. She is also trained in post rehab training, working with clients who are enduring post surgery, post cancer treatments, and post physical therapy for various injuries, and stroke patients.

Today, Mo continues to enjoy surfing, hiking, walking and yoga.

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